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Trends for optical frames

The Optical Frames to Keep an Eye On

Whether you’re an actual student or just craving to look like one, the geek chic look has landed with a bang. Not since suspenders and bow ties have a collegiate everyday item been as lauded by the fashion world.  Even if you’ve been blessed with 20/20 vision (lucky you!), you may be tempted into trying one of these eye-catching optical frames. Ready for some eye-popping style? These are the most talked-about trends for optical frames. 

Tortoiseshell Trimmings

It’s a consistent classic for a reason - brown and black tortoiseshell frames are universally flattering on all complexions. Whatever shape you decide on - the uber-trendy Clark Kent square or the upturned retro cat-eye - you’ll be bang on trend in this versatile frame. Even better - the two-tone coloring does wonders to bring out natural highlights in the eyes. 

A Sprinkling of Gold

No, we’re not talking about blinged-out Lady Gaga gold. The gold accent is much more subdued. Think thin wireframes in fashionable matte gold or barely-there delicate brushed metal in shimmering shiny metal. These frames are elegantly understated - the perfect choice for the busy professional with an eye on fashion.

Neutral Chic

This one is for the mildly adventurous - in tune with the trends yet still classic and chic. Blush toned colors add some romance to everyday frames - delicate acetate designs in tones of baby pink, mint green, nude beige and crystal clear. Ideal for even the most casual of spectacle-wearer, these neutral styles are the style star’s dream. 

Radical Retro

If making a statement sounds like your style, retro optical frames will be right up your alley. Super defined cat-eye frames are all the rage in sunglasses, but now it’s crossed over to spectacles too. Although less pronounced, the cat-eye shape lends itself to every frame finish out there, particularly tortoiseshell, for a versatile, on-trend appeal.