Ray-Ban sunglasses

The iconic and the timeless Ray-Ban eyewear. These are sunglasses and optical frames that have transcended generations and have been worn by war heroes, celebrities and athletes alike. With your very own pair, you can wear a piece of history that is simultaneously setting trends for the 21st century and beyond.

Even if you're no aviator, you can still look the part in a pair of classic Ray-Ban sunglasses. Whether you see yourself as a wayfarer or more of a clubmaster, there's a pair of legendary lenses waiting for you.

Ray-Ban uses the latest cutting edge technology for outstanding lens and frame performance. You'll get a better view of your world and your frames will last longer.

When you put on your Ray-Ban sunglasses you will feel it - the essence of the past combined with the energy of the present.

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Ray-Ban ANDY RB4202 has classical lines and it's worn by both women and men. Excellent choice for every day use. The frame of Ray-Ban ANDY RB4202 model is made from high quality acetate which meets the highest standards. On it's sturdy arms you can find the Ray-Ban marking. The Ray-Ban ANDY RB4202 sunglasses are available in several color combination in our sunglasses store.

Lenses of the Ray-Ban ANDY RB4202 sunglasses have all around UV protection which will protect your eyes from the harmful radiation of the sun. These sunglasses are excellent choice for everyday use and fashion accessories.

All Ray-Ban ANDY RB4202 sunglasses are delivered with their original accessories!

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