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New trends in sunglasses

Your Go-To Guide for Sunglasses Trends

We know, winter is in full swing. That doesn’t mean we can’t start planning our spring/summer wardrobes now already. With the bold, creative styles coming off the fashion week runways, we foresee an eyewear season like no other. These are the hottest sunglasses you’ll be wearing.

Retro Revival

John Lennon, is that you? Unearth those bellbottoms, everyone, because if this year has a style agenda, retro is definitely it! The small round frames made famous by John and Yoko are back with a bang, only this time, they’re edgier and bolder than ever before. Miu Miu showed us a grungier side of retro with moody blacks and browns adorning their quirky frames. At Valentino, a touch of sparkle never goes amiss as little diamante detailing bedazzled rounded pale blue lenses. 

Cat Eye Collective

Fancy a spot of 50s Americana? Cat eyes are giving an old world spin to modern sunglass designs. Prada preferred angular and defined design while Maison Margiela kept to the classic large, slightly oversized profile. Erdem and Adam Selman have you covered with cat-eye shapes straight out of Grease. The likes of Salvatore Ferragamo and Topshop Unique meanwhile took things one step further - the former choosing frames twisted with metallic cord. The latter chose to keep to opaque black lenses offset by contrasting bright look-at-me frames. 

Scene Stealer

If you’re going to make an entrance, you may as well go big, right? That was the theme at Lanvin, Altazurra, and Moschino. The bigger and bolder the frames, the better. Lanvin went futuristic with white goggle-box frames, Altazurra gave us criss-cross wire designs and Moschino stayed true to form with bright, bedazzled detailing. Then, for the truly brave at heart, look no further than Dolce and Gabbana. Choose between raffia edges, wacky floral motifs, queen playing cards, and even red-tipped fingers! 

Sci-Fi Style

Louis Vuitton is turning the cat-eye trend on its head. Reflective metallic lenses came wrapped up in upturned pointed frames - Joan Jetson, eat your heart out! Chanel meanwhile went full ski-style coverage. At the French design house’s Spring/Summer shows, slick mirror lenses fit snugly on elegantly dressed models. Gucci, on the other hand, offered up gem-encrusted frames in the style of cinema 3D glasses. If you’re brave enough, we say why not!