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Sunglasses measurements and sizes

When we buy sunglasses or diopter glasses, it is equally important that they both serve their purpose efficiently and suit us well. When ordering glasses online you have no opportunity to try them on like in regular shops, and so we recommend that before you make a purchase you carefully read the description of each model. Besides the various characteristics of the glasses (the material from which the frame and the lenses are made, UV protection, etc.),  the description also contains the glasses measurements.

We have taken photos of each model of sunglasses available in our online shop ourselves, and therefore you may be certain that the glasses are utterly genuine and that you will get precisely what you have ordered. We have given our best to make the photos as clear as possible so that you would be able to see even the finest details.

In case you have difficulty to determine the size of a particular model, we suggest you do the following:

    - You certainly have around the house a pair of glasses which you (or someone else) used to wear. Measure them and then compare the dimensions with the ones displayed on our webpage. In this way, you will get a clear insight into whether the chosen pair of glasses will fit you or not.
    - In case you have no pair of glasses around, take a ruler and use it to measure the dimensions of your face in front of a mirror. Compare the obtained measurements with the measurements of the glasses from our website, and you will know if the chosen model will suit you.

If after all the measuring and comparing you still aren't sure that the glasses will suit you, we suggest you order them and within 30 days you may send them back if you don't like them. After the glasses have been returned, you may choose to be refunded or select another model.