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Future trends in sunglasses

Sunglasses are an important accessory for both male and female users. This practical detail will give the right edge and completion of your style. It certainly makes all the difference when you are wearing the right high fashion shades to your outfit.

Next year, eye-wear trends that started earlier, will continue pushing boundaries and giving oldies a new groove with original colors, niches, layers, and specters. Finding the pathway between old and new, retro and originality, fashion and practicality, everyone will most certainly find the right pair of shades for all occasions.

Sunglasses the alpha and omega of this accessory for decades have been universal Ray-Ban Wayfarers. Male or female, these aviator-style must-haves will also be put on display in different shades and frames. Sporty and comfy on-the-go; or more playful, colorful and textured frames- choose the eye-wear that fits your image perfectly. These classy shades with green lenses are introduced to men, as they are mixed with extravagantly colored or more modest frames. Green sparkly screens are a new fresh look for men in this season, which gives a new depth to aviator design. Men will also have a more minimalist and intelligent way to appear with aviators. Frames with gray shades or camouflage are on the way for the next season. Women will also receive dozens of choices about how their aviator style glasses will appear. Pastel colors are still ‘in’ with a variety of dual color-pairs introduced. You can also get your aviators with thematic patterns like tiger, leopard or hippie style flower-power frames.

Besides these classics, you need to get familiar with small round shaped glasses, which are getting even more groove and edge to them with the overall rounded look and curvy frames. Some of them have a vintage style that will get you nostalgic about the past but still give you the look for today. While men will have stylish brown, gray, black thin frames (both plastic and metal), darker lenses and more minimalist look guaranteed; women will have these small round glasses also with fat frames, patterns and colors unexpected. The funkiest round frame styles are coming with white-colored frames and small round dark classes. You can also choose originality with double thin frames or curves and edges added to classic round frames. This round style gives effect to your appearance and makes even a simple outfit look marvelous and detail-oriented. Pick up your ‘roundies’ to have illuminating captivity and celebrity appearance.

While round-glasses will definitely rock the show, another important designer will be big glasses with large frames, including various colors, textures, prints, and dimensions; both fitting men or women. The ombre’ style dual-toned frames will still be ‘in’ with lenses, which are darker at the top and lighter at the bottom. Large frames can give you bug-style, geeky or cat-eye look. Frames will have unexpected color pairs, but the top colors for next year will be peach, white, gray, green and blue in various shades. You can choose between pastel and bright color specters.

To those of you, who dare to experiment a little bit more, there will be funky shapes available like frames with bear ears, wilder colors like bright yellow or light neon blue. Some frames will be textured with patterns and some with colorful animal themes. The futuristic style will also be presented with new dimensions and shape-edges for old-school frames you have never imagined wearing before, covering half of your face with dark lenses and space-style shaped frames that tell your unique story. Whatever your choice is, you will definitely look chic with big frames.