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Data Management and Processing regulations


1. The purpose of the Regulations

The purpose of the current Regulations is to secure the data protection an privacy policy of the Severus Europe KFT. company (address: 6723 Szeged, Szilléri sgt. 38/A 3/10., registration number: 06-09-020815, registration authority: the Szeged City Court as Commercial Court, tax identification number: 24803474-2-06, EU VAT number: HU24803474 ).

The purpose of the current Regulations is to ensure that the services provided by the Provider (in all their aspects) respect the rights and fundamental freedoms of the Customers, in particular their privacy through the processing of their personal data (data protection) regardless of their nationality or place of residence.

2. Information about the data manager


Severus Europe KFT.


6723 Szeged, Szilléri sgt. 38/A 3/10

Telephone number:

+36 (70) 559-42-56


Tax identification number:

24803474-2-06, HU24803474

3. The scope of the required personal information

3.1. Order. When placing an order the User is bound to give the following personal information:

- Name,

- personal e-mail address,

- billing and delivery/shipping name and address (name, street, number, city, postal code),

- telephone number

3.2. Data technically saved during system management: data related to the User’s computer which are generated during the use of the service and which are recorded by the data management system as an automatic result of the technical process. The automatically recorded data is automatically logged by the system without the User’s statement or action when logging in/out. These data cannot be linked to other personal information of the User – except in cases that are legally binding. The data are accessible to the data controller only.

4. Legal basis, purpose and method of data management

4.1. The data processing is based on the voluntary, informative statement of the Users of the content available on the website (hereafter referred to as: the Website). The statement includes the explicit consent of the Users to the processing of the personal data submitted during the use of the Website. Article a), Section 5.§ (1) CXII of the 2011 law (Privacy Act) on informational self-determination and data protection provides legal basis for the voluntary contribution of the User.
Regarding certain aspects of data processing, the User give their consent by using the Website, through registration and voluntarily providing the data in question.

4.2. The purpose of the data management is to provide the service available on the Website. The Provider stores the data provided by the User for a specific purpose - solely for completing the order and to later provide proof of the terms of a potential contract.

4.3. The data that is automatically recorded is designed to produce statistics, to develop the IT system and to protect the rights of the Users.

4.4. The data controller may not use the personal data provided for purposes other than those set out in these sections. Issuance of personal data to a third party or the authorities is only possible with the prior consent of the User; unless otherwise mandatory by law.

4.5. The data controller does not control the provided personal information. The correctness of the data provided is solely the responsibility of the person giving them. When any User enters an e-mail address, they assume responsibility that only they receive the service from the given address. With respect to this responsibility, any liability associated with an entry with the given e-mail address shall be borne exclusively by the User who registered the e-mail address.

5. Data retention period

5.1. The management of personal data begins when the Provider receives an order and ends when the order is deleted. For non-compulsory data, data management will last until the data in question is deleted. The registration may be cancelled by the User or the Provider at any time under the terms specified  in the General Contractual Conditions (GCC).

5.2. The above provisions do not affect the fulfilment of the retention obligations set forth in the law (e.g. accounting law), as well as the processing of data on orders placed on the Website or data provided by other means.

6. Data accessibility scope, data transfer, data processing

6.1. The data are accessible primarily to the Provider and to their internal staff, however, they do not make the data accessible to others, nor do they transfer the data to third parties.

6.2. For the operation of the underlying IT system, the completion of orders, the management of the settlement, the Provider may use the services of another party (e.g. a system operator, a carrier company, an accountant etc.) The Provider is not responsible for the data management practices of such external parties.

External data processors:

Company name


Business activity

Rókusi Szám-Szolg Bt.      

6723 Szeged, Kukovecz Nana utca 10.


UPS Hungary KFT.

2220 Vecsés, Lőrinci u. 154.

Courier Company

6.3. In addition to the foregoing, personal data relating to the User may only be transferred in a legally binding manner or in accordance with the consent of the User.

7. User rights and enforcement options

7.1. The User may at any time have the right to request information about their personal data handled by the Provider, and may at any time modify them in the manner specified in the GCC. The User is also entitled to request the deletion of the data in accordance with the options described in this section.

7.2. At the request of the User, the Provider provides information about the data they manage, the purpose, the legal basis and the period of data retention as well as who and for which reason receive or have received their data.  The Provider shall provide the requested information in writing within 30 days of the submission of the application.

7.3. Users may exercise their rights through the following contact details:


Severus Europe KFT.

6723 Szeged, Szilléri sgt. 38/A 3/10


The Customer may contact the Provider regarding any question or observation related to data processing via the contact from 7.3.

7.4. The User is entitled to request the correction or deletion of incorrectly recorded data at any time.

7.5. According to the Privacy Act and the Civil Code (Act IV of 1959), the User can enforce their right in court and may contact the National Data Protection and Information Authority (NAIH) (1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C) regarding the data management practices of the data controller.   

7.6. If the User has provided information of a third party during registration and to use of the services of the Provider or has caused any damage to the Website while using it, the Provider is entitled to claim damages against the User. In such a case, the Provider shall provide all available assistance to the law enforcement authorities in order to determine the identity of the offender.

8. Uses of e-mail addresses

8.1. The Provider pays particular attention to the legality of the use of the e-mail addresses they manage, therefore they use them only as specified below (for sending newsletters, information or advertisements).

8.2. Managing e-mail addresses primarily serves to identify the User, to complete orders and to maintain contact with the User while they use the services of the Provider (e-mails are sent primarily for this reason).

8.3. In certain cases, the Provider sends information on the changes in the GCC and other similar services of the Provider to the Customers in electronic form via e-mail. The Users cannot unsubscribe from such a notification list, however, the Provider does not use these notifications for advertising purposes. 

8.4. The Provider sends e-mails containing advertisements (newsletters) to the e-mail address submitted during registration only with the explicit consent of the User and in the cases and manner prescribed by law. The User can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by clicking on the link found at the bottom of the newsletter.

9. Cookies

The Provider or the designated external service providers will use a small data parcel (so-called cookies that provide feedback) on the computer of the User to provide customized service. If the browser of the User returns a previously saved cookie, the cookie operator can associate the data saved with the User’s current visits to the ones in the past, but only regarding their own content.

The Provider uses the cookies of the following external service providers:

- Google Analytics

- Facebook Pixel

- OptiMonk (cookies that increases the conversion rate)

- e-dognet (affiliate partner cookie )

The Provider uses the following cookies:

-    Session cookies: session cookies are automatically deleted following the User’s visit.  These cookies are designed to help the Website of the Provider work more efficiently and safely, so they are essential so that some features of the Website or other applications can work properly.

-    Persistent cookies: the Provider also uses persistent cookies to provide a better and more user-friendly experience. These cookies are stored in the cookie file of the browser for a longer period of time.  .The length of time depends on the settings applied in the browser.

-    the cookie transmitted when the User visits the online shop at

-    the cookie transmitted following the viewing of (a) product(s)

-    the cookie transmitted when an item is placed in the basket

-  the cookie necessary for placing an order: when the User has ordered one or more products from the online shop

-    the safety cookie

External servers provide help for counting website visitors and other independent web-analytical measurements and auditing (Google Analytics). Data management can provide detailed information about the management of the measurement data to the User.(

The “Help” feature in the menu bars of most web browsers provides information about the browser of the User:

-    how to disable cookies,

-    how to accept new cookies,

-    how to instruct one’s browser to set a new cookie or

-    how to turn off other cookies.

If the User does not want to have the data measured in the above mentioned way by Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, OptiMonk, edognet, they can install the following blocking plugin in their browser.

The Webpage uses Google Adwords and Facebook remarketing codes. They are designed to help us find the visitors on other sites belonging to the Google Display network and in the Facebook feed with remarketing ads.  The remarketing ads use code cookies to tag visitors.

10. Other provisions

10.1. The system of the Provider can collect data about the activity of users that cannot be linked to other data provided by Users at the time of placing their orders, nor to data generated by other website or services.

10.2. In all cases when the Provider intends to use the provided data for purposes other than the purpose of the original data collection, they shall inform the User there of and obtain their prior consent or give them the opportunity to prohibit the use of the collected data.

10.3. The Provider is committed to ensure the security of the data and to take all technical actions which ensure that the data recorded, stored or managed is protected and does everything in their power to prevent the destruction, unauthorized use or alternation of the data. The Provider is also committed to also call any third party to whom the data may be transmitted for compliance with such obligation.

10.4. The Provider reserves the right to unilaterally modify this set of regulations with prior notice to the Users. After the modification enters into force, the User agrees to the terms of the regulations by using the service.