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Arctica sunglasses

ARCTICA sunglasses have been created to provide sports equipment, characterized by a combination of high quality and stylish beauty. Arctica constantly aims at perfection with the help of our passionate attitude and experience in winter and summer sports. In the process of manufacturing Arctica sports sunglasses and goggles, they are employing advanced technologies, a variety of innovations and latest fashion trends. As a result, Arctica sunglasses are popular and well-known among cyclists, skiers, athletes, and drivers.

ARCTICA eyewear is a collection of classical sunglasses, sports sunglasses, skiing goggles, and various accessories. The selection of Arctica eyewear is noted for its high quality and attractive design. Materials used for producing sports glasses and goggles are of the best quality and comply with EU standards and CE norms.

Arctica sunglasses are characterized by numerous crucial features to meet your highest standards, for example:

- interchangeable lenses system to adapt to changeable weather conditions

- polarized lenses (important for drivers, water sport enthusiasts, and snow sport lovers)

- inserts for prescription lenses

- anti-fog system to eliminate fogging

- photochromic lenses

Frames and lenses of our sunglasses and goggles enable maximum visibility, enhanced contrast and wide vision particularly important for sport and outdoor activities.

The choice of ARCTICA glasses means freedom, satisfaction, and an active lifestyle. Our glasses may satisfy the needs of athletes taking part in all kinds of outdoor activities. They are specially designed for cyclists, skiers, surfers, skateboarders, and snowboarders. ARCTICA gives a sense of satisfaction, not only for athletes but all those who appreciate quality and comfort combined with a sense of security. Our collection is divided into three main categories of products: sports, classic and junior.

No matter how crazy your sports performances are. Arctica's strict production standards and implementation of modern technological solutions make Arctica eyewear go far beyond the wildest expectations of the most demanding users.

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