2017 Sunglasses Trends

Sunglasses are a major accessory for both women and man. They are a lot more than just an eyewear and they perform more functions that just protecting your eyes from the sun. Sunglasses are trendy and a major fashion statement. They are a necessary fashion item for every fashionable woman and man. This is the reason why there are so many different types of sunglasses available in the market. Big brands like RayBan, Charles and Keith, Dolce and Gabbana, Stella McCartney etc. provide sunglasses worth thousands and millions. This shows how obsessed women are with sunglasses. Sunglasses are not merely for protecting your eyes against the sun but also against dust and pollution. Moreover, sunglasses are trendy and need to be carried stylishly to establish a unique style statement.

Sunglasses have different types and the trends change every season when it comes to sunglasses. All stylish celebrities including Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Blake Lively etc. sport trendy and different styles of sunglasses every now and then. These celebrities give us some major goals on how to carry these sunglasses flawlessly. In our post today we will tell you about the different trends of sunglasses this year, 2017. You can take inspiration from this post and rock your own sunglasses with style. 

1. Oversized Sunglasses:
If you closely follow the style of PR queen, Kim Kardashian, you will get to know that oversized glasses are very much the leading sunglasses trend of 2017. Though it might not be a style for everyone, oversized glasses look great on people who can carry them confidently. They are great for protection against the sun and also shield your face as it covers most of your face. This sunglasses trend has been carried forward by big designer names like Gucci, Prada, and Michael Kors etc. Not only this, the oversized sunglasses trend has made it to almost every major fashion runway this year.

2. Cat eye Sunglasses: 
Bring out your inner feline with this leading sunglasses trend of 2017. These daring sunglasses trends need a sharp sense of fashion to pull off. Unlike before, this year, cat eye sunglasses will be bolder than before. You can expect some funky designs and bright coloured patterns as well. Seen at fashion runways from Max Mara, Fendi etc., the cat eye sunglasses are bound to make a bold and beautiful statement this year. Bring back the sexy 80s with these feminine cat eye sunglasses. 

3. Embellished frame Sunglasses:
Who doesn’t love a bit of gems and stones here and there? Sunglasses with embellished frames are going to be very trendy this coming year. You can even create these sunglasses yourself. Just take any round-eyed sunglasses and embellish their frames with stones and gems. This will not only look beautiful and unique but also very trendy. 

4. Marble frame Sunglasses:
Marble is going to be a rage in 2017 and when it comes to sunglasses with marble frames, there is no exception. There are different styles and shapes of sunglasses with marble frames. A mixture of well-blended dark and light colours look the best. 

Sport these sunglasses trends in 2017 and be the centre of everyone’s attention.