2017 Optical Frame Trends

Having weak eyesight is not an uncommon phenomenon these days. A lot of people often have problems of far-sightedness or near-sightedness. This is why optical glasses are really common these days. Not only this, optical glasses are also a major fashion statement. You can often spot people wearing optical glasses with because it looks cool and trendy. A lot of celebrities often carry this style. No matter for which purpose you wear optical frames, they become a part of your personality; especially if you wear your specs for long duration – particular those who have eyesight issues. 
Something that becomes such a prominent part of your face needs to be paid attention to. This is why you should be very particular when choosing an optical frame for yourself. Keep your face cut and look in mind when doing so. In our article today we will tell you about some of the latest optical frame trends for 2017. Choose your frames from amongst these trends and ready to get chic.

Cat eye specs:

Just like cat eye sunglasses, cat eye specs are very popular as well. They give you a very feminine yet mysterious and unique look. Cat eye specs have the potential to transform your simple look into the one for a sexy nerd. You can wear this frame confidently at school or at work and even at casual days out. Cat eye specs are a cool accessory to carry and are one of the leading optical frame trends for 2017. Not just this, you can experiment with different colours of cat eye frames; do not only stick to basic black. Go for a leopard print, a floral print or any other interesting colour for your cat eye frame.

Harry Potter specs:

Harry Potter is one of the most iconic characters of all time and his round specs are his trademark. You can now also carry this look as it is going to be a major fashion statement when it comes to optical frame trends for 2017. You can go for an oversized Harry Potter specs or small ones, it all depends on your personal preference. This look is a great idea if you want to give yourself a hippy vibe. Wear this casually or at school; you will surely make a mark.

Vibrant frame specs:

Let’s add a little colour to the nerdy look by opting for vibrantly coloured frames. You can dare to experiment with different and bold colours this coming year and make a great style statement out of it. If you have the guts to experiment with your look, go for neon shaded, vibrant frames for your specs and turn a few heads along the way.

Glittery frame specs:

Glitter and sparkles can fix anything. So when it comes to optical frames, some glitter can add magic. Glittery frames are going to be a major optical frame trend this coming year. You can wear these specs whenever you want. Do not go for a lot of sharp and shiny glitters and gems, keep your look dull sparkly and classy.